The Jaunting Martyrs Debut Album PREVIEW DEMO

by The Jaunting Martyrs

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This demo gives a sample of the live sound of The Jaunting Martyrs, stay tuned for the full album which will be released in April of 2013!

All original music written, performed, recorded, and engineered by the band.


released January 28, 2013

Justine Lucas - voice, violin, mandolin, lyrics & songwriting
Brendan O'Loughlin - electric guitar, banjo, voice, lyrics & songwriting
Justin Boyle - bass
Jimi Marks - drums
Carlos Kampff - electric guitar

Recording & mixing - Brendan O'Loughlin & Carlos Kampff

Cover Art - Justine Lucas

Special Thanks to Scott Hawkins and Toshi Hoo for their help with recording set-up and gear!



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Jaunting Martyrs San Francisco, California

Never mind the baby faces, this is a savage band

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Track Name: Travelin' Man
Well he's a fire-breather
Says it keeps him from the cold
He says the work is gone now baby
So I'm going where I'm told.

Now, I can't stand my baby leavin'
I'm done trying to pretend
But no matter how I cry
He's packing his bags again

He's my Travelin' Man.

You're a pretty little thing
And I know you could be mine
Oh, You're a sweet talker, baby
But hold that lip
Don't let me waste your time

So let me lay it down for you
You're not the only one
You get hung up on me, baby
Be prepared to run

He's my Travellin' Man.

He's my Travellin' Man
He's my Travellin' Man
Track Name: North Star
Well my lover, he was a good man
He took me dancin
With the zydeco band
He was a sailor and a fisherman
With a rusty shrimp boat
And a beat up instrument

Oooh, sailed off the coast of Louisiana
Washed ashore
The sign of the Arcana
Tightened his sails as other boats sank with the storm
Thunder and lightning but he could not be warned

No other could replace him
I waited knowing
They could not trace him
My babes are trembling
The sea is breaking
They ask for my hand
But I ain't takin'

Gave me the eye
And brought me flowers
But I could not leave
My widow watch-tower
I'll keep praying by and by Lord, by and by
Til thunder and lighting rip a hole in the sky

On the island
Made him greedy
Made him violent
Gave him reason to kill
Gave him reason to cry

And his honey
On the island
She sat and waited
Still and silent
With a well to fill
In her perfect heart
Track Name: Mickey
My Mickey was so sweet
My Mickey was so kind
He gave me all his heart
For it would take away his mind
Mickey was my man
And I was Mickey's girl
But no matter what I thought
He wasn't long for this world

Wings to you
Wings to you
Wings to you
My love

Wings to you
Wings to you
Wings to you
Wings to you
My love

He told me that he loved me
He told me lots of lies
To keep my heart from worrying
And he sang a lullaby
And in the night I heard him
His boots across the floor
The last I ever saw him
A silhouette in the door

Wings to you
Wings to you
Wings to you
My love

Wings to you
Wings to you
Wings to you
Wings to you
My love

They found an empty bus
Out on Highway One
Didn't have to explain
Before I knew it was the one
I knew it very well
It was my home for many years
I laid flowers on the hood
And I oiled rusty gears